Debon Herbals Astringent

Debon Herbals does not use words unless we mean it, our experts in skin care have specially formulated a toner that offers more than just cleansing. Specially designed to possess herbal ingredients that control the excretion of excessive oils. With herbal extracts and mild menthol, it helps tighten the skin leaving it cool and dry.

Size Available : (300 ml / 500 ml)

Key Ingredients :

Debon Herbals Astringent benefits the skin by withdrawing most of the pollutant impurities within the skin. It contains a combination of ingredients that has invigorating, astringent and refreshing properties. The toner is unisex and can help both men and women achieve a softer and smoother skin, with a bright and illuminating facial appearance.

Application :

Apply pre-makeup, after facial or after bath. Men can use as after shave.