Debon Herbals Body Scrub

Debon Herbals Body Scrub contains Peach kernel seeds as the main component and exfoliating agent which has a mild action on skin. Daily exposure to dust, dirt and pollution leads to the development of impurities and dead cells on skin. It is an excellent way to scrub away dead cells, dirt, impurities, clogged pores and blackheads from skin.

Size Available : (50 gm / 100 gm / 500 gm)

Key Ingredients :

It is a traditional formula that floods away toxins, stimulates blood circulation & cell regeneration of skin. By virtue of exfoliation, this scrub imparts even complexion with blemish, spot free and glowing skin.

Debon Herbals Body Scrub is 'Dermatologically tested for safety & can be considered as Non Irritant'.

Application :

First wash your face with lukewarm water. Apply cream on the face. Gently Scrub / Massage on the Face for 5 /10 minutes. After Massage, wash with luke warm water. Do not use soap. Use Twice a week.

For stress removal use at night.