Debon Herbals Cleansing Milk

Did you know that your body is constantly excreting oil from its pores? No? Then you’re in for a shock. The skin gets clogged and deoxygenated, filling up with bacteria and dust particles, one of the leading causes of the formation of blackheads. Debon Herbals Cleansing Milk delivers an immediate freshness by lowering bacteria, excessive oil residue and leaving your skin lubricant and clean.

Size Available : (300 ml / 500 ml)

Key Ingredients :

Opening the pores of your skin and making you look vibrant and beautiful, is Debon Herbals ultimate mission by minimizing your skin surface from looking oily and bacteria infested. Debon herbal ingredients ensure that your face stays as clean as possible with a well-oxygenated cleanser to give you the perfect silky texture and shine you crave for.

Application :

Take a cotton swab & apply gently on the face, neck & hands. Wipe out excessive dirt.