Debon Herbals Dandruff Cleanser + Conditioner Shampoo

Dandruff can be a real problem and a nuisance. It’s even more embarking when it's visible on your shoulders and clothing. Using only a cleanser can be helpful and get rid of all the toxins and dandruff, however, when combining it with a conditioner you stand a high result to gain back a smoother and stronger lustre and shine. Debon Herbals has prepared the shampoo and cleanser to kill two birds with one stone.

Size Available : (300 ml / 500 ml)

Key Ingredients :

Methi and Neem have been scientifically found with herbal properties that do not support hair fall, dandruff and gives a shiny and strong hold to your hair with numerous benefits. It's natural herbal qualities yield many positive potential aspects when compared to total chemical based shampoo solutions.

Application :

Wet hair, apply shampoo taking on your palm. Massage for 2/3 minutes. Rinse hair. Dry with clean individual towel.