Debon Herbals Face Pack (Pimple and acne remover)

We have invested in countless efforts to extract the finest and most expensive herbal components to form the DEBON HERBALS FACE PACK. Transform your skin in just 10 minutes. Each designed to target specific skin concerns. Loaded with ingredients that do not support bacteria, unhygienic impurities growing on the surface of the skin. Our herbal ingredients in the face pack are known to lighten blemishes caused by pimples and acne formations on the skin. The herbal benefits are even more amazing that nourish and vitalize the skin cells leaving you with a well stimulated soft and oil free skin.

Size Available : (50 gm)

Key Ingredients :

Easily applied as a paste with water or curd to the surface of your skin can increase glow and whitening, along with skin clarity and a firmness to portray a moistened and lustrous look. Don’t just feel good, Look Good.

Debon Herbals Face Pack (Pimple and acne remover) is 'Dermatologically tested for safety & can be considered as Non Irritant'.

Application :

Apply daily forming into a paste with water / curds as per the type of face. Can also be used all over the body as a body pack and then washed by gently scrubbing.