Debon Herbals Moisturiser

Your skin is the largest organ in the body, not protecting your skin and depriving it of all its nutrients can be harmful and cause permanent damage. Debon Herbals offers you a herbal based lotion, that protects against all types of environmental pollutant conditions. Used as a moisturizer and as a massage medium due to its excellent light consistency, it can also be applied prior to makeup.

Size Available : (300 ml / 500 ml)

Key Ingredients :

Debon Herbals Moisturiser provides the perfect balance of natural herbal oils in the skin and keeping it away from formation of dryness thereby nourishing your skin. It is an all -season moisturizer that gives a light, rich feeling. Also used exclusively by sportsman, swimmers, and athletes.

Debon Herbals Moisturiser is 'Dermatologically tested for safety & can be considered as Non Irritant'.

Application :

Apply after bath. For Sportsmen, Swimmers & Athletes. Can also be applied day & night, even before makeup.