Debon Herbals Orange Face pack

We all know that fruits are a nutrient gift from God. The color orange itself is vibrant and inspiring. Our featured product, Debon Herbal Orange Face Pack with goodness of citric acid which is effective in drying away acne . The antioxidants present in oranges fight free radicals and helps in delaying aging.

Size Available : (50 gm)

Key Ingredients :

Debon Herbals Orange Face pack tightens & cleanses the skin. Helps to get rid of the oily film & other debris on the skin surface. This is an excellent face pack for dry and combination skin. Regular use of this pack helps in controlling excessive oiliness and diminishes the blemishes.

Application :

Apply daily forming into a paste with water / curds or as & when required. Can be also be used all over the body as a body pack and then washed by gently scrubbing.