Debon Herbals Sandal Turmeric Cream

Debon Herbals creates benchmark with a cream that works like magic on your skin. Sandal & turmeric are used as one of the key ingredients for beautifying any skin. Sandal overcomes dryness and reduces itching on skin. Turmeric clears skin pigmentation, improving complexion and also controlling bacterial infection.

Size Available : (50 gm / 100 gm / 500 gm)

Key Ingredients :

Debon has successfully tested this cream and has launched the product after noticing its positive results. Debon Herbals Sandal Turmeric Cream under any circumstance does not support any allergies and other rashes that are formed by the damaged skin leaving you looking beautiful, just the way you should be.

Debon Herbals Sandal Turmeric Cream is 'Dermatologically tested for safety & can be considered as Non Irritant'.

Application :

Can be used for facials as well as afterbath and prebath body massage with plain water. Apply little quantity of cream on the face or all over body & massage gently upon the applied area. Then wash off with plain or luke warm water.